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Corporate Culture

Tam Hoang Viet Group is operated throughout the goal not only the development of business but also taking care of materialistic and spiritual staff lives, along with being responsible for communities timely. Apart from brilliant leadership of the General Director, an indispensable factor has contributed to the success of Tam Hoang Viet Group is corporate culture. Corporate Culture has become a sustainable and unique basis, has been oriented and built by Tam Hoang Viet Group since the early days of establishment with the system of core values that tremendously affects the decisions and actions of all members as follow:

·        PEOPLE: Tam Hoang Viet Group always puts top priority over people matter as a priceless assets and strength. Each individual joining into Group possesses the opportunity to develop capability and enrich themselves. The development of personality, capability, financial status is a measure to assess the success of Tam Hoang Viet Group.

·        SOLIDARITY: As the power of success, the solidarity is a fundamental value on the development of Tam Hoang Viet Group business. A sustainable Tam Hoang Vietnam is built up by the cooperation and implementation among variety of distinct characteristics as well as divisions with different developmental strategies and advantages.

·        CREATIVITY: As orientation for all business activities of Tam Hoang Viet Group, willing to think outside the box to find out the best effective solutions, contribute to sustainable development has become ultimate target for Tam Hoang Viet Group.

·        PASSION: The fire of passion facilitate enthusiasm expressed in works, always wholeheartedly complete business task with endless productivity, never give up when coping with discouraged situations. Thanks to the passion in workplace, all staff always do the best to achieve success not only in terms of Tam Hoang Viet Group but also personal status.

·        DEDICATION: Doing business endlessly with large sense of responsibility for tasks, colleagues and company. Building up a spirit of love and unity in company offices is the main mission to contribute to the development of Tam Hoang Viet Group as well as society.

·        PROFESSIONALISM: Professionalism is not only shown in large-scale and high level of complexity work but also reflected in every single task. The purpose of the professionalism is to create complete quality, efficiency and reliability. All of these things will only be achieved by the synchronization, consistency, appropriateness of the smallest aspect.

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