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Mission - Strategic Vision

Creating highlights in the agricultural sector, especially the process of restructuring of agriculture towards organic vision.

Creating a "revolution in scientific agriculture" by producing the products of nanotechnology, biotechnology and high-tech agriculture with high-standard quality and reasonable prices to meet the market needs. Also, Tam Hoang Viet Group always focus on developing close relationship between five subjects including managers, scientists, manufacturers, farmers and bankers in the agricultural sector.

Transmitting the latest knowledge, best suited farmers to give them a hand in improving their lives, gradually enriching, raise educational opportunities in rural areas. Establishing the role of farmers in society, contributing to the eradication of poverty and construction of countryside areas.

Conducting R&D activities on high-tech and environmentally-friendly products that serve the social life.

Delivering sustainable values for our shareholders, partners, customers and communities.



With the guidance of Science and Technology factors, Tam Hoang Viet Group always consider these elements as a key to sustainable development in depth. In general, Tam Hoang Viet has affirmed its position and prestige according to developmental strategy 2015-2020 period as follows:

  • Focus on the development and investment of Sachi tree and value chain from Sachi.
  • Possess prestige-strong brands.
  • Boost up investment in the retail distribution chain to catch up consumers’ tendency, build up a powerful position in the retail sector in Vietnamese market in specific and the world in general.
  • Increase revenue growth constantly, exposure to the diversification of product lines.


  • Become science and technology entrepreneur able to create strength and impact on domestic market as well as regions.
  • Become a pioneer in investment, research & development application related to nanotechnology and biotechnology fields, high-tech agriculture (smart technology), produce high-quality products with reasonable prices and safety for consumers.
  • Become private-owned economic Group with large value for properties and brands.
  • The group is operated openly and transparently, ensuring share capital, the level of revenues and profits toward to the stock market.
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