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Company Profile

Tam Hoang Viet Joint Stock Company (referred to as Tam Hoang Viet Group), formerly known as Hanoi Consultancy and Investment Management JSC, was founded in 2004 by a group of ambitious Vietnamese youths, operated in the field of consultancy, investment, real estate projects, agriculture and retail system.

In 2013, the company converted operational model to Group in order to expand and increase financial resources to serve the long-term development following the model of science and technology enterprises using nanotechnology, biotechnology, high-tech agriculture (smart technology) and organic agriculture. By doing cooperation with international science and technology organizations, institutions, Tam Hoang Viet Group is taking every single step to absorb advanced technology, applications from developed countries, gradually improving and combining with domestic scientists to research new technologies that significantly promotes economic efficiency. Thanks to which, Tam Hoang Viet Group is able to acquire patents on science and technology not only the scope of nation but also international. Along with investment in scientific research and technology, Tam Hoang Viet Group also established Sachi research centers in order to develop seedlings, cultivation techniques as well as intensive processing from Sachi tree value chain. In addition, Tam Hoang Viet Group has completed overall development strategy and plan for forming brand to help Tam Hoang Viet Group reach a sustainable business in the construction industry, real estate, agriculture and agricultural products; possess brand and retail distribution network in the country as well as international.

Based on the spirit of sustainable and intensive development, Tam Hoang Viet Group has restructured and focused on the development of several brands as follows:

1.  Sachi Vina is mainly operated in the field of agricultural investment, which includes two divisions: Sachi R & D (Center for Research and Development); Sachi Seed (Supply Sachi seeds and support, consult planting, tending, harvesting techniques)

2.  Life Sachi conducts consulting, investment, real estate projects including two brands Sachi Garden and Sachi Tower

3. The Shachi Shop is a retail system operated in food and super food distribution sector with three brands Omega Sachi (produce and distribute Omega 3,6,9 capsules); Sachi Oil (High manufacture and distribution of high-quality cooking oil); Sachi Beauty (cosmetics distribution of natural extracts: hair, skin care, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, serum)

In order to bring products that meet almost all strict international standards to market with reasonable prices, Tam Hoang Viet Group are trying endless in every field as below to be proud as one of the top science and technology enterprise in Vietnam.

Specifically, "Involving social benefits in the business and production" is the long-lasting operational guidance of Tam Hoang Viet Group. Along with the development of effective business and production activities, Tam Hoang Viet Group commits to actively contribute to the community and society through specific social actions.

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